Knowledge and Experience for Delivery Excellence

An international team (with bases in Australia and the UK) the Dementia Centre offers a comprehensive consultancy service, providing evidence-based advice, practical suggestions and support on many aspects of caring for older people and people living with dementia:

  • at home;
  • in hospital;
  • in community and respite programmes;
  • and in residential aged care. 

Dementia Centre Consultants are a multi-disciplinary group, that bring a wealth of experience, professional expertise, analytical skills, and adaptable communication styles to support any organisation achieve excellence in care delivery. Click here to read about our Consultants' diverse skills and experience. 

The Dementia Centre offers a range of consultancy services that can be tailored to meet your organisation's and/or client’s needs.

Dementia Service review

Using a comprehensive assessment process, a complete review of your service will include observation, qualification and identification of areas for improvement in: 

  • systems and processes to support good dementia care delivery such as individualised and relationship care (e.g. model of care, client profiling, documentation, policy and procedures);
  • care practices that support individualised and relationship-focused care;
  • dementia awareness and knowledge amongst management and staff;
  • environmental design (using DesignSmart);
  • appropriate engagement of residents in activities and events that promote meaning and purpose (using the Emotional Responses in Care tool).

Model of care implementation and support

Utilising the skills and experience of our expert consultants, we can support your organisation achieve cultural change through:

  • strategic planning;
  • training;
  • hands-on mentoring; and
  • evaluation.   

To discuss how a consultancy could be tailored to support your service or to request a quote, please complete the contact form.

Alternatively please email or call +61 2 8437 7355.