Assistive Technologies

Empowering the Carer through Assistive Technology

Funded by the Australian Government department of Health and Ageing

Jan - Dec 2010

This project aimed to develop and implement strategies to increase the acceptance and use of Assistive Technology (AT) to decrease carer burden, and help older Australians remain safely in their own homes for as long as possible. Project partners included HammondAtHome and the University of Sydney Faculty of Health Sciences

Research staff first conducted a detailed assessment of carers' needs and goals. A literature review identified technologies that could be used in everyday practice to improve mobility, communication, cognition, manipulation and orientation. The team then determined which particular technology would provide the best solution. While supporting the carer in the use of the AT, the team evaluated the efficacy of the AT in enabling the carer to reach their goals.

From this research, we produced an eBook to help carers navigate the many options available for assistive technologies in the home.  You can download the free book from our online store.