Evidence-based training, custom designed for your needs and team

Customised learning, the pathway to greater success

Sharing knowledge and skills is at the heart of the Dementia Centre. The Dementia Centre’s collaborative relationships and applied research ensure we are able to provide training courses that will meet your needs. Linked with HammondCare’s Registered Training Organisation, we are able to offer nationally accredited and tertiary recognised programs. Our courses are a valuable resource for continuing professional development of nursing, allied health, medical and support staff and attract CNE points.

Our training supports dementia care in a range of settings and is developed by highly skilled consultants who have had experience working in residential, community and hospital settings caring for people with dementia. We offer a schedule of regular courses, as well as personalised training and hands-on mentoring, tailored to the needs of your organisation. 

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Dining for Engagement

No matter where you are in the world, the common experience that brings us together is food. But this is not just about food - it's the experience of dining, for people living with dementia.This new, interactive school will focus on the intentionality of mealtimes.

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Music Engagement

Music speaks to the soul, it moves us.  But this is not just about music – it’s the experience of expression, choice and belonging for people living with dementia.

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International Dementia Design School


We are excited to announce the International Dementia Design School, exclusive to the Dementia Centre, is currently being redesigned ready to launch in the second half 2017.

The International Dementia Design School will continue to be presented by internationally recognised experts, who will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to design dementia enabling environments.

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Our workshops address a range of common concerns and issues arising in dementia care, such as caring at night, planning life engagement and nutrition. The courses are held around Australia in major cities. 

Available courses include:

Night time care
Behaviours - opportunity and change
Pain Management
Acute and Hospital Care for people with dementia

These courses can also be run for your team, at your facility, at a time that suits your team.  Contact us for more information.

Hands-on mentoring

Ensuring that theory learned in the classroom is implemented within the workplace, our consultants provide hands-on mentoring to staff, clinical care leaders and managers to ensure that better care practices and outcomes are realised. Provided as part of a comprehensive training package or as a package, the hands-on mentoring can assist staff embed knowledge into practice. 

Case Study:

After providing training to night staff on caring for people with dementia at night, the Consultant worked with the night staff for 3 nights during their regular shifts, guiding and encouraging staff to implement the strategies discussed in the training session. The staff gained feedback as they learnt to modify their approach and implement strategies to better help people sleep.

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