Our Purpose

Research • Advice • Action

The Dementia Centre was founded by HammondCare in 1995 as an impartial resource and provider of research and expertise to the aged and dementia care community. This is key to HammondCare's commitment to excellence in dementia care. 

A resource and research centre for the aged care industry, nationally and internationally.

Our services help to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia. We offer expert advice to people at all levels of the organisation from CEOs and medical professionals, through to clinicians, support staff and family carers in the home.  

The Dementia Centre:

  • Provides a hub for global partnerships
  • Allows for a model of constant review and renewal of initiatives in practical care settings
  • Combines research, design and practical modelling
  • Draws on local and international expertise
  • Provides access to high quality and tested tools
  • Participates in quality research in the areas of dementia, environmental design, aged care and palliation

 Older and younger people living with dementia need services designed and delivered based on evidence and practical knowledge of what works. We make this possible.