Our Partners

Collaborating for best practice

The Dementia Centre has developed significant relationships with world leaders in dementia care and dementia research.  Through formal partnerships, project-based collaborations and short-term cooperation, the Dementia Centre is able to share current best practice in dementia with the wider community.

NHMRC Partnership Centre: Dealing with Cognitive and Related Functional Decline in Older People

HammondCare is one of four aged and health care providers partnering with the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) in establishing the partnership centre with the theme, Dealing with Cognitive and Related Functional Decline in Older People. As part of HammondCare’s involvement, several Dementia Centre staff are Designated System Based Investigators within the Partnership Centre.

Dementia Collaborative Research Centres - Carers and Consumers

We are proud to be a member of The Dementia Collaborative Research Centre - Carers and Consumers (DCRC-CC) based at Queensland University of Technology. DCRC:CC focuses on supporting research on the Quality of Life and the Quality of Care for both people with dementia and people who care for them. We also participate in community and assistive technology research with DCRC-Assessment and Better Care at the University of NSW.

University of Salford - Salford Institute for Dementia

The Salford Institute for Dementia was launched towards the end of 2013 to conduct vital research into living well with dementia.The Institute designs dementia-friendly buildings, gardens, urban spaces and transport networks where those with the condition and their carers can live with meaning and purpose. Our Director is an Associate Professor with Salford Institute, with ongoing development opportunities for lectures, workshops and partnerships around research and programs.

University of Edinburgh

In partnership with University of Edinburgh, the Dementia Centre is pleased to offer the MSc Dementia: International Experience, Policy and Practice is an exciting, cutting-edge, new programme which has been developed in consultation with people with dementia.
This program is an on-line distance program which usually takes 2- 3 years however may take up to 6 years complete.
The following link provides more information about the program http://www.ed.ac.uk/schools-departments/health/issh/studying/msc-dementia including costs (in £).
The Dementia Centre supports the program by providing additional support to Oceanic students through cluster groups and from the January intake in enrolment for Australian students.
The Dementia Centre and university of Edinburgh also partner on a range of research projects and innovative projects.

Alzheimer's Australia

Administering national dementia programs and services, providing policy and advocacy, Alzheimer’s Australia manages a wide range of innovative programs providing information, support, counselling, training and education to people with dementia, their families, carers and professionals. 

Our popular book 10 Helpful Hints for Dementia Design at Home was distributed to carers of people with dementia with the assistance of Alzheimer's Australia.

Tenjin-Kai Social Welfare

HammondCare has partnered with Tenjin-kai Social Welfare Association in Northern Japan for over 15 years. The centre offers some of the most innovative Aged Care services in that country. Our organisations have collaborated to develop the Care Planning Assessment Tool (CPAT), now available in Japanese. 

HammondCare Clinical Training Centre

The Clinical Training Centres have partnered with universities to train medical, nursing and allied health students in specialist dementia and aged care settings. Our consultants are involved in training and planning, as well as research projects and publications.