Virtual Reality Empathy Platform (VR-EP)

20 March 2017 This world first virtual reality device will help commissioners, architects and designers create enabling environments by understanding how dementia can affect a person’s vision. VR-EP uses state of the art virtual reality technology to allow users to 'enter' and explore 3D environments with an applied dementia filter, simulating the visual impairments that a person living with dementia might have.

Dogs 4 Dementia - 6 Month Update

27 February 2017 HammondCare’s Dogs4Dementia (D4D) program* has reached its half way mark and the initial program findings are highlighting the multi-dimensional positive impacts of placing assistance dogs with people living with dementia and their carers in the community.

World first - Dementia Design Showcase

20 May 2016 A world first initiative, the Dementia Design Showcase is a collection of leading-edge dementia specific design work of selected international architects. The Dementia Design Showcase is unique to the International Dementia Conference 2016, Grand Designs "Are we there yet?"

Dogs 4 Dementia - Graduates

8 April 2016 The benefits of a trained assistance dog supporting people living at home with dementia has been highlighted during a special 'graduation ceremony' for one of the dogs involved in the Dogs 4 Dementia program.

Dining for Engagement comes to Scotland

7 March 2016 No matter where you are in the world, food and dining is the common experience that brings us all together. Sometimes though, older people and people with dementia miss out on this experience.

The Dining by Design lecture introduced some challenging ideas about food culture and our approach to food for older people. Strategies to ensure food is truly glorious despite the setting and a person’s disability were demonstrated.

New cookbook to be released

3 February 2016 What goes with fun, food and flavour? Peter Morgan-Jones new cookbook for people living with dementia. Following the highly successful Don't give me eggs that bounce recipe book, HammondCare's Executive Chef has been busy in the kitchen developing and testing recipes for people living with dementia.

Registration for the International Dementia Conference 2016 are now open!

10 January 2016 Grand Designs "Are we there yet?" Registrations for the International Dementia Conference 2016 are now open! This popular event will be packed with interactive workshops, national and international speakers, academic research papers, case studies and ePoster presentations.

Merry Christmas

25 December 2015 Wishing you a safe and joyful Christmas and holiday season!